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Osteopathy aims to restore function in the body by treating the causes of pain and imbalance.


Osteopathy is an entirely manual practice aimed at restoring the functions of all structures and systems of the human body. Its purpose is to assist the body’s capacity for self-regulation. Whether preventative or reparative, the concept of osteopathy is characterized by its focus on individualized treatment. It respects the relationship of body,...

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How Does an Osteopath Work?

Osteopathic diagnosis requires observation and palpation (touch) of the body, in the immediate area of the complaint or in distant parts of the body.
This may involve your being placed in various positions on a treatment table.
Due to the...

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Mobile osteopathy

A professional and personalised treatment at your workplace, event or at home, without wasting time in travel.

Osteopathy provides personalised treatment to promote an improvement of the overall health and life.

All you need is enough space to place our massage table.

Office treatment relieves muscle...

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In the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) osteopathy appears to provide benefits just after one session and up to one year. A number of studies show improvement of symptoms and quality of life parameters, especially for sleep. Moreover, Bjørnæs et al. (2017) suggest that most of the people are responsive to OMT. Osteopathic treatment may
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The findings of this review are encouraging; suggesting that osteopathic treatment may have some effects on anxiety, fear avoidance, quality of life and general health status in populations living with persistent pain. Two studies out of five reported significant differences in depression; in regards to anxiety, all the four trials found significant effects; two out
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